February News

Web site:

A reminder that you can visit our website at www.westridingkoreankarate.co.uk it is an interactive site which means that you can upload articles and photos to the site. The more of you that take the time to add content to the site, the more interesting it will be. We also have a group for West Riding Korean Karate on Facebook. Why not join it??? Our new web site is now up and running. You can visit it at: www.wrkk.co.uk As part of the site we now have our own forum which only takes a few moments to join and the forum has a chat room attached to it. Also attached to the forum is a link to easyfundraising.org.uk By clicking on the banner and registering you can then log in and visit sites that support easyfundraising by using the A-Z of retailers. There are hundreds of retailers from AA travel insurance, Love film.com, Misco (computers and parts) through to Zurich car insurance. Every time you buy online using the easyfundraising site a donation is made to the club and so the more people that use it, the more funds can be raised for the club. There is even a section where you can raise funds free by signing up for free sim cards etc. I signed up to a few yesterday and we now have £1.10 in the bank already. Please encourage friends and relatives to use the forum and the easyfundraising link and help us to raise a lot more. And it doesn’t cost anything to use.


please remember to ensure that your licence is kept up to date. New members are allowed to train for up to four lessons on the instructors insurance. After that you must purchase a federation licence for your grades etc to be recognised by our governing body WUMA.


Our next grading will be held during the first or second week of March. Check your licence now so as to have time to renew it if necessary before the next grading.

WRKK Brochure:

I have printed some updated brochures. Please feel free to take some for yourself and friends if you like.

Dress Code:

I would like to remind students that: we allow new students to train in any loose clothing. Once a student reaches yellow belt they are required to wear correct uniform. For normal lessons students can wear black or white karate trousers and a plain white or club t-shirt/polo shirt. (No logos i.e. Nike or Adidas etc). During grading, courses and seminars students must wear full uniform which can be an all white suite or a mixed suite (Black trousers and white jacket)

Tang Soo